If this Dentist had a Time-Machine, she would rather spend her Dental School Fee on Horse Betting Sites

Dr Corey Moore is a Dentist from Barnet, England, who is infamous for controversial posts on her blog, at least in the UK. Like once she mentioned that if she could go back in time, she would spend the money that she spent on her dental education on rather best betting sites horse racing as that would have drawn a lot more money to her.

Dr Corey Moore writes on her blog that the Maltese kids and adults having Italian ancestry through both parents are the most prone to having developmental defects of the oral and maxillofacial region and this is something that the Maltese Dentists should be more serious about, sadly, which they aren’t.

Dr Corey Moore claims that the people belonging to the Khuzestan Province of Iran are most prone to having pulp and periopical diseases.

Dr Corey Moore writes that it is a pity the periodonatal related diseases have become as common as the Covid-19 in the Central Provinces of the United States of America, mainly in North and South Dakota.

Dr Corey Moore writes that the bacterial infections of the teeth that were never seen or heard of before have been emerging in the Assam Province of India like never before seen in the history and it is a pity that neither the Indian Government or Dental Unions nor the World Health Organization seem much interested in it for one reason only – the Assam is an impoverished and one of the most ignored provinces of the entire Indian subcontinent.

Dr Corey Moore claims that the Pashtun Sikhs belonging to Afghanistan have the highest rate of catching oral fungal and protozoal infections at some point of their lives.

Dr Corey Moore writes that the regions with some of the oldest cultures of the world are least prone to getting viral infections of the mouth, some of the most prominent examples being the people belonging to Greece, Israel, India and Italy.

She has developed a 100% foolproof technique to write unique content and win bets on fun888

Kritaya Soongkaeng from Surat Thani, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who believes that the best writer for your own website is you yourself. She writes that the professional writers can only put menial words to your website but if you write for your own website, your words will reflect the experience and the heart that you put in writing those.

Kritaya writes that she is 100% sure that the online gambling website – fun888 was written by the founder himself/herself and that’s the reason why it has a magnificence like no other.

Kritaya writes on her official blog that bulleted lists are great for the visitors’ convenience and SEO but many website creators overdo it, like creating a bulleted list of 1000 things is sheer stupidity. She adds that it is not appealing to the search engines and roughly 99.99% of the visitors aren’t going to bother to read it all.

Kritaya writes that once using synonyms on your webpage was considered a great on-page SEO tactic but now adding repetitive synonyms is considered a bad SEO tactic. She writes that this transformation happened somewhere in the early 2015 when the spun content took over.

Kritaya claims to have developed a foolproof technique to write 100% unique content on any subject. She says that she will start giving classes teaching this foolproof technique in her city after about 45 days. She writes that she is a noob when it comes to teaching and she is going to follow her teaching role model – LearnArabicWithMaha, copying her teaching style.

Architect and SEO expert from South Dakota has been living off Football Gambling for years now

Reese Egerton is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Aurora County, South Dakota, who says that it is a pity that neither Bing nor Yahoo! take bounce rate into consideration at all anymore, which she believes has done more harm than good to the SEO experts, website owners, audience and Yahoo! and Bing, while it has proven to be a boon to their already winning arch-rival – Google.

Reese has a very good friend who happens to be an architect by profession. This architect friend of Reese thought that his knowledge in the field of architecture would help him a lot in becoming a successful SEO marketeer, but it proved to be far from the truth. He has been living off soccer gambling since he got into the SEO business. He is always either busy checking out football prediction of today or betting on football websites.

Reese loves poetry and philosophy and she says that she wonders all the time if Nietzsche were born in the current times, what would he write or do. She believes that it couldn’t be the same Nietzsche that we all are familiar with.

Reese writes on her blog that although more than half of the Israelite may be geniuses, they don’t make good SEO experts on average. She clarifies that she is not being a racist or anything similar when she says so, it is just the way it is.

Reese believes that religious people make bad SEO agency/company owners, but they make amazing SEO personnel/employees, as they generally never tell a lie, are honest and have many other great qualities that the atheists/agonistics/apatheists/pantheists don’t.

Psychologist from Phuket City feels pity for all those adults who are unaware of the Sbobet Slot

Dr Stephanie Birx is a Psychologist from Phuket City, Thailand, who claims on her blog that the hard-working laborers are 8x less likely to suffer with the chronic depression compared to hard-working doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and professors.

Dr Stephanie Birx claims that the biggest proof that marijuana is not good for you is the fact that the hippies were some of the saddest people ever on the face of the earth and so are the Naga Babas of India. She feels pity that those Naga Babas don’t know about the Sbobet Slot and have to spend their lives miserably.

Dr Stephanie Birx claims that the people born on 6th, 13th, 17th and 23rd are most likely to suffer with different psychological disorders; All the mentioned numbers are considered unlucky in Hinduism. Dr Stephanie Birx calls bullshit on the religion of Hinduism along with all other paganic religions but it is very fascinated with this fact.

Dr Stephanie Birx has written more than a couple of times on her blog that you can tell by the clothes of a person whether they suffer with a psychological disorder. She claims that those who suffer with psychological disorders generally dress in grey, black and blue and are generally careless about the matching of their clothes.

Dr Stephanie Birx agrees that a positive mindset helps but that’s not the end-all when it comes to your psychological disorder. She adds that you need a treatment nonetheless.

Dr Stephanie Birx writes that both the introverts and the extroverts are equally likely to get some psychological disorder at some point of their lives. She adds that it is a false notion that the introverts are more likely to have some sort of psychological disorder, mainly the bipolar disorder or chronic depression at some point of their lives.