SEO And IM Expert Has Been Funding His Sister’s Business Endeavours With The Soccer Money But Hasn’t Told Her About It

Quieu Flow from Makassar, Indonesia, is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert who claims on his blog that the intellectuals have the hardest time trying to rank a website and a full-time SEO expert. He believes that SEO is right the opposite of intellectualism, it is mostly about the instinct, that’s the biggest reason why Africa, especially Nigeria has some of the biggest SEO Kingpins that won’t come out in the limelight.

Quieu claims that the Black Hat SEO is still alive and well, just the tricks have changed. He adds that several top ranking websites use nothing but black hat SEO.

Quieu has been working on creating a website analyzer like never seen before. He writes that it will definitely feature multiple websites analyzer at once and they will provide free trial as well. He claims that his website analyzer will not be subscription based but rather one-time purchase.

Quieu claims that vegans make better coders/programmers than the vegetarians, carnivorous or omnivorous people. He gives example of his sister, who is an expert coder, responsible for creating hundreds of apps, she has been following a vegan diet for several years now. He claims that many other coders/programmers who started off at the same time as her, have created only 2 apps within this time period while she has created hundreds of those and still counting. Currently, she has been working on creating a combination of Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

Quieu has been funding his sister for this endeavour of her with the money he won with Judi Slot but he hasn’t told her about this and he says that he won’t ever.

From An Australian Gas Station Worker To An Indonesian Millionaire

Simone Cooper was born and raised up in the coastal city of Australia called Gold Coast, currently she lives in Bali, Indonesia. Simone is a cute blonde with beautiful blue eyes. Sadly, this beauty with brains used to work as a stripper when she lived in Australia.

Simone had days when she wouldn’t shower. Simone’s parents were always very poor and once Simone was accused of stealing from the school’s locker room. Simone never stole anything from the school’s locker room but because she was one of the poorest kids, they accused her of that.

Simone couldn’t complete her high school and started working at the age of 16 at a gas station. When Simone was 20, she got an offer to work at a strip club. The money was too much to refuse that offer. Simone took the offer and started working at that strip club.

Once some Indonesian multi-millionaires came to the club where Simone used to dance, one of those got mad for Simone, got her number and started talking to her online. The man started visiting Australia more often in order to meet Simone.

After meeting Simone for over 20 times, he finally proposed Simone for marriage, Simone agreed. They married in Bali and since then Simone has been living a comfortable and luxurious life with lots of love. Simone’s husband has put Simone in charge of betting on slot online for him. He considers Simone his lucky mascot and it shows when Simone does nothing but win the game each time.