Kritaya Soongkaeng from Surat Thani, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who believes that the best writer for your own website is you yourself. She writes that the professional writers can only put menial words to your website but if you write for your own website, your words will reflect the experience and the heart that you put in writing those.

Kritaya writes that she is 100% sure that the online gambling website – fun888 was written by the founder himself/herself and that’s the reason why it has a magnificence like no other.

Kritaya writes on her official blog that bulleted lists are great for the visitors’ convenience and SEO but many website creators overdo it, like creating a bulleted list of 1000 things is sheer stupidity. She adds that it is not appealing to the search engines and roughly 99.99% of the visitors aren’t going to bother to read it all.

Kritaya writes that once using synonyms on your webpage was considered a great on-page SEO tactic but now adding repetitive synonyms is considered a bad SEO tactic. She writes that this transformation happened somewhere in the early 2015 when the spun content took over.

Kritaya claims to have developed a foolproof technique to write 100% unique content on any subject. She says that she will start giving classes teaching this foolproof technique in her city after about 45 days. She writes that she is a noob when it comes to teaching and she is going to follow her teaching role model – LearnArabicWithMaha, copying her teaching style.

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