Reese Egerton is a SEO and Internet Marketing expert from Aurora County, South Dakota, who says that it is a pity that neither Bing nor Yahoo! take bounce rate into consideration at all anymore, which she believes has done more harm than good to the SEO experts, website owners, audience and Yahoo! and Bing, while it has proven to be a boon to their already winning arch-rival – Google.

Reese has a very good friend who happens to be an architect by profession. This architect friend of Reese thought that his knowledge in the field of architecture would help him a lot in becoming a successful SEO marketeer, but it proved to be far from the truth. He has been living off soccer gambling since he got into the SEO business. He is always either busy checking out football prediction of today or betting on football websites.

Reese loves poetry and philosophy and she says that she wonders all the time if Nietzsche were born in the current times, what would he write or do. She believes that it couldn’t be the same Nietzsche that we all are familiar with.

Reese writes on her blog that although more than half of the Israelite may be geniuses, they don’t make good SEO experts on average. She clarifies that she is not being a racist or anything similar when she says so, it is just the way it is.

Reese believes that religious people make bad SEO agency/company owners, but they make amazing SEO personnel/employees, as they generally never tell a lie, are honest and have many other great qualities that the atheists/agonistics/apatheists/pantheists don’t.

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