Dr Stephanie Birx is a Psychologist from Phuket City, Thailand, who claims on her blog that the hard-working laborers are 8x less likely to suffer with the chronic depression compared to hard-working doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and professors.

Dr Stephanie Birx claims that the biggest proof that marijuana is not good for you is the fact that the hippies were some of the saddest people ever on the face of the earth and so are the Naga Babas of India. She feels pity that those Naga Babas don’t know about the Sbobet Slot and have to spend their lives miserably.

Dr Stephanie Birx claims that the people born on 6th, 13th, 17th and 23rd are most likely to suffer with different psychological disorders; All the mentioned numbers are considered unlucky in Hinduism. Dr Stephanie Birx calls bullshit on the religion of Hinduism along with all other paganic religions but it is very fascinated with this fact.

Dr Stephanie Birx has written more than a couple of times on her blog that you can tell by the clothes of a person whether they suffer with a psychological disorder. She claims that those who suffer with psychological disorders generally dress in grey, black and blue and are generally careless about the matching of their clothes.

Dr Stephanie Birx agrees that a positive mindset helps but that’s not the end-all when it comes to your psychological disorder. She adds that you need a treatment nonetheless.

Dr Stephanie Birx writes that both the introverts and the extroverts are equally likely to get some psychological disorder at some point of their lives. She adds that it is a false notion that the introverts are more likely to have some sort of psychological disorder, mainly the bipolar disorder or chronic depression at some point of their lives.

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